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At American Roofing Services, we are committed to leveraging our considerable experience in the waterproofing sector to give our customers roofing solutions that will best suit their needs and extend their durability. Throughout the +50 years we have been in the market, our company collected some of the most knowledgeable and skilled minds in the construction industry. From our Miami based headquarters, through strategically located personnel and warehouses, we serve the North East, Midwest, and South of the United States.

Our experience and extensive product portfolio, along with our capacity for innovation and dedicated customer service, make us the best choice in the market as we continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Mission

We manufacture and commercialize high-quality products for the construction industry.

We focus on products and services related to the waterproofing sector, aiming to exceed our customer ‘s expectations. We are committed to developing mutually fulfilling relationships with our customers, providers, shareholders, associates, strategic partners, and workers.

Our Vision

To be a reliable supplier in the manufacturing and commercialization of construction products and services in the Americas and other potential markets, with an emphasis on waterproofing products.

Our Values

Innovation and Creativity

We figure out new and different solutions, directed to solving problems and needs in order to add value to our clients, partners, and allies.


We adopt solutions according to the particular needs of each client; we respect and understand the idiosyncrasy of a heterogeneity of clients, belonging to different countries and cultures.

Commitment with the results

We act by focusing our work towards the fulfillment of common objectives and goals rather than particular interests; we think as strategic partners of iGROUP and we are committed to the profitability of the Corporation and its companies.

Guidance to the client

We maintain an attitude of availability and advice to our clients, demonstrating that we act to meet their needs

Team work

We act to develop high performance teams that, through common objectives, participation and cooperation, achieve excellence and value added for all.

Guidance Towards Quality

We promote the continuous improvement of processes as one of the key factors for the success of the Corporation and its companies.