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Roofing products made to last

You will find a variety of roofing products that will fulfill the needs of any projects, from APP, SBS to auto-adhesive membranes, that any level of experience roofer can use.

Edilflex APP are waterproofing membranes, for torch application,  made of modified asphalt with APP polymers, reinforced with polyester non-woven  fabric, with a smooth finish or granulated finish, they are very elastic membranes, useful on high-movement surfaces or where there are expansion joints, applicable in hot climates or cold climates.

The smooth membranes are used in a single layer waterproofing systems, with aluminum paint or colored acrylic paint termination or can be used as a base membrane in roofs with asphalt shingle or clay shingle termination or with a granulated membrane termination.

The membranes with granule termination are applied as a single layer looking for economy and decoration at the same time or with the application in two layers using as a base membrane the smooth membrane, this system is of greater duration, by having two layers and by the granulated termination UV resistant, it is also a decorative system.


Edilflex SBS are membrane for waterproofing, for torch application or application with a hot asphalt base, made of modified asphalt with SBS polymers, which makes them very elastic even in very cold climates, reinforced with non-woven polyester fabric, with a smooth finish or granulated finish, they are very useful membranes on surfaces of high movement or where there are expansion joints, applicable in hot climates or in cold climates.

Smooth membranes are used as a base membrane covered with a granulated membrane, which with its granules protects it from UV rays or as a basebase membrane for the application of clay tiles, which also protects it.

The granulated membranes, are self protected by the termination of granules, are very durable and are also decorative.

Edil selflex membranes, are made of modified asphalt with SBS and other polymers that give it adhesiveness, elasticity and flexibility at a very low temperature, are covered by granules, which give it UV protection and are decorative. They are applied in a self-adhesive way, eliminating siliconized plastic, does not require flame or hot air to adhere them, they mold to any surface shape and any degree of slope.

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