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Winter brings with it adverse weather conditions such as snow and ice and these conditions can cause damage to your home’s roof. Preventing this damage is critical to maintaining the integrity of your roof, it also helps avoid costly repairs.

Here are five tips for protecting your roof in winter:

1. Clean regularly: Regular cleaning is essential to prevent excessive snow accumulation. Use a long-handled snow rake to safely remove snow from the ground, avoiding using tools that can damage the roof surface. Make sure to also, clear obstructions in drains and gutters to allow for the proper flow of meltwater.

2. Install snow barriers: Snow barriers, also known as snow deflectors, are structures placed on the roof’s edges to prevent snow from accumulating and suddenly breaking off, causing damage. These barriers can be made of metal or plastic and help direct snow gradually into the gutters, reducing the risk of roof damage.

3. Improve ventilation: Adequate ventilation in the attic or space between the roof and the last insulation layer is essential to prevent roof icing. Drafts prevent indoor heat from melting snow on the roof, which can cause ice buildup in gutters and shingles.

4. Adequate insulation: Good roof insulation helps keep the temperature even and prevents ice buildup at the roof’s edge. By ensuring your roof has sufficient insulation you will not only help protect it from damage caused by the winter elements, it will also make your home more energy efficient.

5. Timely repairs and maintenance: Inspect your roof regularly and promptly make any necessary repairs, such as loose or cracked shingles.

Protecting your roof is essential to maintaining the integrity of your home. Follow these five tips, and use the best waterproofing products. Remember, prevention is the key to avoiding costly damage and extending the life of your roof.

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